Hacienda Hot Springs Inn is a boutique mineral spa hotel with a relaxed Old World ambience, an oasis in the heart of the desert, just two hours from Los Angeles, 30 minutes from Joshua Tree, and 20 minutes from Palm Springs. With six cozy guest rooms nestled at the edge of a spectacular aromatic garden, flanked by mineral pools and lagoon, the Hacienda has stunning views of the San Jacinto and San Gorgonio mountains. Guests can soak in the famous mineral waters, relax, read from the selection of vintage books in the library, break a sweat in the Finnish rock sauna, or choose from a selection of original spa treatments based on native plants and herbs from the garden. The Hacienda is the newest hotel in Desert Hot Springs and truly a Tranquil Desert Retreat.






SPRING is a time of renewal. The earth reawakens from her slumber, and bursts with new life. We celebrate the Spring Equinox when daylight surpasses night’s darkness. In preparation for longer days our treatments restore vitality by helping the body to eliminate toxins accumulated throughout the winter month. Be rejuvenated and prepare for your fresh debut.


The Hacienda’s therapeutic Scrubs and Wraps contain only the finest natural ingredients. They cleanse and detoxify; dead skin cells are removed to reveal the newer, fresher skin beneath ready to absorb all the goodness of our active raw ingredients.


All our products are blended minutes prior to your treatment, ensuring optimal freshness and potency.


GREEN ELIXIR Wrap 90 Minutes (Invigorate)


This amazing treatment incorporates dry skin brushing, a detoxifying clay wrap infused with herbal essential oils and aloe vera and a full body massage with oil blend. A powerful euphoric wrap experience!

Our herbal massage… $ 195


GREEN ELIXIR Scrub 60 Minutes


An invigorating salt & oil scrub followed by our green potion application. A short wrap allows the product to absorb into your skin while your mind drifts away during a soothing scalp massage.

A stimulating and uplifting treatment… $ 135


FLOWER POWER Wrap 90 Minutes (Sooth)


This absolutely delectable wrap starts with a stimulating dry brushing followed by a

living body mask with grains, clay, raw honey and floral essential oils. Be cocooned in a warm wrap to activate the enzymes in the raw ingredients, while your mind melts away enjoying a soothing scalp massage. We finish this treatment with a full body massage with our beautiful floral oil blend.

A truly lavish experience… $ 195


FLOWER POWER Scrub 60 Minutes


A decadent sugar scrub including date sugar and floral essential oils, followed by an

application of our luxurious wild flower essential oil blend. Drift away to pure bliss

during our short wrap and scalp massage while our beautiful oils deeply nourish your skin.

A long and moisturizing treatment… $135


Any of our Scrubs can be extended to a 90-minute treatment with your choice of extra massage or wrap time.








Call for appointments in advance




Gift Certificates


As the new year is upon us, what better gift to give the one you love than a "Stay of Wellness" at the Hacienda Hot Springs Inn & Spa or a full day spa package. Many times we do not pamper ourselves. Make the Hacienda a gift to those you care about. Gift Certificates are now available year round. Call Karl at the Hacienda or email us at mail@haciendahotsprings.com. 





4th Year in a Row